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Business Start-ups

  • Business projections, cash flows and profit forecasts
  • Business structure
  • Business financial planning
  • Laws and regulations
  • Banking arrangements

A major part of our services is assisting new business from their initial idea through the minefield of how to set up an individual business, with the choices available of limited companies, sole traders and partnerships. Advising on the requirements for record keeping, VAT and payroll, suitability of available packages tailored to the need of the individual.  

An integral part of any new business, in its infancy, is the need for a suitable and relevant Business Plan, at Stuart Hoare Chartered Accountants we have supported and assisted various businesses from individual traders starting out to those considering the purchase of existing businesses.

Contact our staff for an initial consultation and discuss your options.  

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Stuart Hoare Chartered Accountants are and have always been available to give advice and to point us in the right direction. They have made numerous visits to our office to sit with us and help us out in any way that they can.

What was even more beneficial, we were also appointed with our own first point of contact, Sarah. Sarah has been a godsend for us and no matter how much grief and stress we throw at her, she just smiles, tells us not to worry and continually gets us back on track with her professionalism, attention to detail and laconic ability which we have found priceless.

Stuart Hoare Chartered Accountants have given us the confidence, followed by the ability to take our business to the next level and I could not recommend them highly enough.

Brian C


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